Advanced Coatings

Advanced Coatings


Gwynedd Manufacturing not only has expanded machining capabilities, but also has state-of-the-art coating capabilities. We are equipped with a clean room and capable of applying a unique coating through a vacuum technology known as Physical Vapor Deposition (PVC). The coatings produced are similar to that of Diamond-Like-Carbon (DLC), it is however much more wear, abrasion and corrosion resistant. Our proprietary process known as Nanoweapon, is a family of coatings capable of the equivalent of 82 on the Rockwell C-Scale hardness test. The coatings are engineered for each individual component to produce the best possible coating.

Why choose Nanoweapon?

Nanoweapon is a family of coatings aimed at reducing friction while increasing abrasion resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and surface hardness. Through a series of engineered processes we are able to develop a coating that is capable of dramatically reducing the wear on any critical surfaces. Our process has been tested and proved on the bolt and bolt carrier of the U.S. Government’s M4 Carbine, and the Nanoweapon coating has shown to greatly improve this common consumable wear item, as well as reduce the overall amount of lubrication needed to operate.

The Nanoweapon family of coatings is based on the coatings developed by Picatinny Arsenal known as Durable Solid Lubricant (DSL), and Gwynedd Manufacturing is the only defense contractor in the world capable of applying such coatings. Capable of a surface hardness of 82 Rockwell, the coating is virtually impenetrable, permanently encasing and protecting the part beneath it.

Practical Applications

While Nanoweapon has many positive qualities that many different types of parts could benefit from, we have found that it works best on the critical sliding and wear components. This includes the core components of many different weapon platforms such as:

  • M4A1 Bolt & Bolt Carrier
  • M240 Machine Gun Receiver & Bolt
  • M249 Machine Gun Receiver & Bolt
  • Pistol Slides
  • Trigger Mechanisms


Gwynedd Manufacturing is not a contract machine shop and does not accept work outside of the U.S. Department of Defense or the various U.S. Federal Law Enforcement Agencies.

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