CNC Setup Machinist
CNC Setup Machinist

We are looking for skilled and experienced CNC Setup Machinist’s. Our CNC setup machinists are responsible for setting up and changing over machines for new and existing projects in a timely manner. We are looking for someone who knows their way around a manufacturing facility and who can be a great addition to our growing team. This position requires a fast pass person with at least 3 years’ experience. Responsibilities of our CNC Setup Machinists include:

• Take drawings/prints and tool lists and program and setup a machine from start to finish quickly and correctly.
• Maximize efficiency and productivity with tooling and fixturing.
• Change worn and damaged tools in machines throughout the production process.
• Load programs into various machines.
• Verify programs are correct before a production run is started.
• Load programs and tools into machines in the proper location and order.
• Troubleshoot problematic and inconsistent setups quickly and efficiently.

Salary: TBD

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